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“They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn't. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” ― Frida Kahlo

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Free Yourself | Today I Will…


Working for free (but working for yourself)

Freelancers, writers, designers, photographers–there’s always an opportunity to work for free.

There are countless websites and causes and clients that will happily take your work in exchange for exposure.

And in some settings, this makes perfect sense. You might be making a contribution to a cause you care about, or, more likely, honing your craft at the same time that you get credibility and attention for your work.

But just because you’re working for free doesn’t mean you should give away all your upsides.

Consider the major publishing platforms that are happy to host your work, but you need sign away your copyright. Or get no credit. Or give the publisher the right to change your work in any way they see fit, or to use your image (in perpetuity) and your reputation for commercial gain without your oversight or participation…

Now, more than ever, you have the power to say “no” to that.

Because they can’t publish you better than you can publish yourself.

It doesn’t matter if these are their standard clauses. They might be standard for them, but they don’t have to be standard for you and for your career.

Here’s the thing: you’re going to be doing this for a long time. The clients you get in the future will be the direct result of the clients you take today. The legacy of your work down the road will be related to the quality of the work you do today.

It’s your destiny and you should own it.

Freelancers of all kinds need to be in a hurry. Not a hurry to give in to one-sided deals and lousy clients. Instead, we need to be in a hurry to share our bravest work, in a hurry to lean into the opportunity, in a hurry to make work that people would miss if it were gone.

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Today I Am | #Forgiveness


There is no greater power than forgiveness. Why? Because it allows you to not only fully receive your blessings, but others to receive theirs through you too. Forgiveness is a decision you make solely for yourself yet affects everyone you come into contact with, in one way or another.

Forgiveness is not acceptance. Forgiveness is a form of reparation (repair). You are telling yourself and God ‘I CHOOSE, despite what I have lost, to work with what I have TRULY gained, in this situation.’

Don’t worry, I struggle with it also.

Today I Am | #Grateful


| Today I am grateful for… |


1) My Family (the blessing of people to whom I can call my own)

2) My God (for showing me the power of humility in the midst of consequences, no matter how big or small, within the chain of humanity and the spiritual laws)

3) My Friends (the blossoming of maturity – to those who propel us and those who offer parachutes)

4) The Past (the errors in judgement, the deliberate refusal to be still again. The muddy waters. The clear springs)

5) The Present (the missteps, shuffle-hustle, footloose freedom of choice, intention and traction)

6) The Future (the ‘could be’s’, ‘should be’s’ and ‘would be’s’ come to rest in this space, finally unraveling with divine intervention).