“I’m just a woman who wants to contribute to the revolution…

I occasionally like to spin yarn, too.”



| Content + Copy + Colour |

Lover. Friend.

Storyteller (at best).

Fashion Killa.

Instant Smiler.

Mags has stepped out indefinitely on an impossible mission to find herself. She has taken her opinions, ceramic trinkets, the soundtrack to her life and a notebook (no, her Blackberry isn’t present).

She’d like to think she knows where she’s headed but our little sunshine has a thing for the road less travelled and smelling the roses on the way. If you’d like to contact her it would be best not to hold that thought as she is probably too wrapped up in being selfishly happy.

Oh, and she loves to spread the good news.

Feel free to join. 


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Mags Loves Jimi is a page where I, (Margretta), share my writing, photography, ideas and inspirations. I am a student of Life (B.D in Fashion Marketing), a lover of colours (self-professed colourist), a sombre writer (love stories are the only stories worth telling), fashion lover (labels not included though appreciated) and Jimi Hendrix dreamer (we’re all as bold as love).

So, what are we waiting for?