Today I Am | #Grateful

by ThisIsShe|Mags


| Today I am grateful for… |


1) My Family (the blessing of people to whom I can call my own)

2) My God (for showing me the power of humility in the midst of consequences, no matter how big or small, within the chain of humanity and the spiritual laws)

3) My Friends (the blossoming of maturity – to those who propel us and those who offer parachutes)

4) The Past (the errors in judgement, the deliberate refusal to be still again. The muddy waters. The clear springs)

5) The Present (the missteps, shuffle-hustle, footloose freedom of choice, intention and traction)

6) The Future (the ‘could be’s’, ‘should be’s’ and ‘would be’s’ come to rest in this space, finally unraveling with divine intervention).