Brand Storytelling | Being social about commerce {shameless work-plug)

by ThisIsShe|Mags

Photo by: Jean Lakosnyk via Unsplash

Photo by: Jean Lakosnyk via Unsplash

This post is written by our fabulous intern Margretta Sowah. Margretta works with our sister company, Thread Publishing. She is a gifted writer, with a passion to hone her craft and a willingness to use her skills to help others. She is a complete angel to work with and we are delighted to work with her!

Most people want to communicate with like-minded people daily; perhaps even by the minute on social media. And business is no different. With the right implementation of above-the-line tactics, brands can achieve substantial revenue and omni-channel reach.

The rise of social media and social commerce are synonymous with customer satisfaction, with consumers at the forefront of e-commerce. Where once the employee was the bridge between a customer’s initial need for a product or service, and their path to purchase, now the barriers are down thanks to e-commerce and the social media opportunities it delivers.

Brands should be social about commerce.  This personal and transparent approach offers opportunities to supply strong customer insights. This is your best tool for future growth: market research gained through real-time feedback.

The power of the story

Storytelling is not just for kids. As consumers experiencing the full scope of a business without even leaving our homes; and as the digital revolution continues to evolve, e-tailing (electronic retailing – to sell online) allows consumers to access a company’s products or services when convenient.

Marketing, strong brand stories and digital prowess are a vital part of this pursuit of revenue. By applying the right social tactics to commercial objectives, brands are forced to refocus on the most important part of the supply chain – the conscious consumer.

Consumers step into the story

It is easy to be mystified by all this digital energy. Where is it going and what else can be achieved?

Digital Relief allows for offline marketing and real-time, real-life experiences to balance a brand’s relationship with its audience online. This enhances the brand story and return on investment. There are many ways Digital Relief can help a business to push revenue forward.  Social media has proved consumers more often than not; want to become a part of a brand’s story.

As an example, Signature Prints – a premium and bespoke print and interiors company – provides a home to the work of eminent wallpaper artist, the late Florence Broadhurst. Their archive is a national treasure as they keep and restore the art of the Australian screen dynasty.

Signature Prints opens up the dialogue to create tactile brand experiences – workshops, collaborations and hosted events with influencers, aiding in brand recall. Florence’s story has strengthened the brand identity around Signature Prints both locally and internationally, partly due to the offline intimacy Signature Prints evokes in an otherwise noisy market.

So how do brands stand tall? The distribution of real-time benefits for real-time problems promotes immediate brand trust within the market. The brands that engage in memorable and relevant experiences along these lines have more to offer their audience and a far greater follow through.

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