How to Become A Chanel Brand Ambassador

by ThisIsShe|Mags

If you want to be original… A Fashion Love Story

Thought Catalog

The duties of a Chanel Brand Ambassador include, but are not limited to, accepting copious amounts of free clothes, attending parties in obscure European coastal towns, and maintaining an Olsen Twin physique at all cost. It’s a sinecure post, to be sure, but an important one that separates the It Girls from the women and ensures that youth and pulchritude are duly rewarded, in accordance with the values of current society (I hear the MacArthur Grant application process is going to include a swimsuit portion next year).

Seeing as It Girls must possess at least some sort of filmy skillset (DJ, muse, rock progeny, model/blogger, “editor-at-large”) and are elected by popular vote, the qualifications for becoming an CBA are much more codified, because in the end, you really will be getting paid to do nothing. Let’s take a look at the arduous process:

  1. After appearing at a sufficient number of…

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