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“They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn't. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” ― Frida Kahlo

Month: March, 2015

Meet the Designers of Wall Street and Design Bazaar

I am a lover of all things beautiful and a well-crafted piece is something I will always gravitate towards. I work at Signature Prints, (home of Florence Broadhurst) and we are continually inspired by the comtemporary and traditional artistians from AUS and overseas. Along the way I’ve learnt a very simple formula – that good design adds value.

Design Online

di Lana cushions can be made in a range of patterns, colours and sizes. di Lana cushions can be made in a range of patterns, colours and sizes.

INDEPENDENT DESIGNERS and suppliers of internationally sourced handmade artisan products are featured on a carefully curated online gallery headed up by Maxine Parfitt. Her Independent Designers Emporium ethos is to promote handmade products made from sustainable materials and in a sustainable way.

For Parfitt, a major part of her recently acquired business is the allure of her hunter gatherer role in uncovering designers that may be somewhat difficult to find by other means and offering a gallery for their work alongside likeminded creatives. “We focus on the artists and what we create is somewhere people come and they find lots of things that they like. The artists on there are so beautiful,” she says.

She sees a growing trend for handmade items and is directing the business to one that is more focused on the interiors…

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# Untitled 18 (Names)



Head and heart

Shifted into reverse,

leaving marks –

Brazen bodies.

It was eyes that called decisions final –

                                (I mean)

Lies. “I‘m sorry.”

Feet hadn’t lifted foot off brakes

Since spines coiled with victimization.

Fingers that pointed shook in shame

And control for the mouths’ final breathe – 


 Before knees bent in accelerated aggression –

                                (I mean)

Angst“I think…”


                            Error became comedy


That left shrews untamed –

                                          “I mean…

I’m sorry.

I think…

                                 …I’m sure.”  

Is there any other name

That tastes as sweet

As mine?

# Untitled 17 (Picture This)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.”



“I know what you want.”

“Do you?”

“Yes, everything.”


What do you know of wanting?

Longing and crowning.

Stretching and salivating –

drips and draps.

Owning the wanting

Selling the knowledge

Of wasted crimes

                                                                 –  love is in the thick of war (full vision).

Your taste requires refinement

To appreciate the picture

You painted with my approach.

Future Feminist Archive – March 2015 Launch for 40th Anniversary of International Women’s Year

Women are always creating and relating to the environment in which we are soiled in. I would love to see the gardens others have.

Contemporary Art and Feminism

Future Feminist Archive is a yearlong project across Australia, in which artists, archivist and art historians engage with archives and collections of all kinds to create exhibitions, workshops, performances and publishing outcomes. Future Feminist Archive is, therefore, styled as a “hypothetical” question. The project will forge connections between diverse community histories and current ideas relating to feminism in response to growing interest in the role of archives. Help investigate the many forms that a Future Feminist Archive might take — real and virtual, activist action!

Future Feminist Archive – SCA Exhibition

Opened by Tracey Moffatt 6-7pm
Exhibition opens from 7pm, Wednesday 4 March

SCA Galleries, Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney, Kirkbride Way, Rozelle
Exhibition runs from Thursday 5 – Saturday 28 March 2015

Find out more about this exhibition here

Read about other events, exhibitions, screenings and activities connected to FUTURE FEMINIST ARCHIVE here

Future Feminist Archive features a…

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