Painting Prada (Iconic)

by ThisIsShe|Mags


If Luxury Fashion were a family; then Prada would be the Cool Aunt. She sneaks you Champagne at Christmas dinner, your first port of call when you’ve had one of those messy nights. (Shoeless and clueless anyone?) Her fashion sense is; in a word –


You love her Devil May Care attitude – along with those ‘I mean Business‘ thigh-high boots you borrowed (just that once). She is fun; flirty, sophisticated and sensual. Gracious, determined and Iconic. Her style is completely different from the other siblings. Some would say the ‘non-conformist’ compared to the rest of Luxury’s family – Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

She doesn’t mind though – everyone knows she gives the best presents… Oh, and her Margaritas are killer.


“Investigating experimental encounters between fashion and other worlds, Prada invites leading iconoclasts to interpret the brand’s universe and the visual identity of its stores.” –

pr What does it mean to be Iconic? To be considered a part of an iconoclast? According to Merriam-Webster Iconoclast is:

1:  a person who destroys religious images or opposes their veneration
2:  a person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions
Synonyms: bohemian, boho, counterculturist, deviant, enfant terrible, free spirit,heretic, nonconformist, individualist, loner, lone ranger, lone wolf,maverick, nonconformer

So, having said that; how is Prada – a globally recognised brand, a part of this hegemony called “iconoclasts”?

Bold. Intense. Fun. Dark. Colourful. Sensual. Gregarious. Chic. Insistent. Pensive. Musing. Articulate. Fresh. Avant-Garde 

I am not sure if I am describing Prada or describing myself! I believe that birds of a feather flock together. Creative people can sense one another. We definitely know when we are in the presence of a like-minded person; it is an energy that soothes and sparks the senses – very powerful in the right environment.

A sort of alchemy.

It seems Miuccia Prada wanted to capture this energy and showcase it through Prada; thus she created a collaborative series; “The Iconoclasts.” This series first began in 2009 with Alex White, Carine Roitfeld, Katie Grand and Olivier Rizzo and was resurrected again last year and then again this year. The purpose of Prada’s store installations (which they did globally) was to #congregate + #collaborate. This year, costume designers became the heroes of her fantasy displays at Prada’s New York store in Soho. She commissioned heavyweights (she’s the cool aunt, remember?) in the Costume Design arena with Oscar-nominated names to bring this dream to life.


“Prada targets the forward thinkers, be it movie producers, creative directors, connoisseurs, artists, Prada is getting in their head […]This display will definitely have an impact on consumers by providing them with a vision towards future trends […] Prada as a brand has always walked to the beat of its own drum, and has succeeded at it. It all starts with a conversation at Prada, and that leads to pure creativity.” – Rony Zeidan  

In an almost involuntary and unstoppable need to share my own response to Prada’s Iconoclast series I have written an interpretation of their campaign.




Is it easy

Tripping over hegemony



Crisping the lines of

Being in

And being without.

Imagining visual subjects

Of trajectory advice –

“Stay loyal, and

truthful. Lord knows

we only ever care when

the glitter turns to gold.”

Iconic and ironic

Ballroom dancing,

                         (quite the stupor)

Bag Lady. Fags? Maybe.

If I could get it to go. Smoking

Up the sleepy and dormant

To life’s inferno of design



“Miuccia Prada’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection inspired us to imagine a party to end all parties. The end of disco. An After Party for New York’s most elite, the most avant-garde, a place where people strut and swagger, uptown meets downtown, celebrity meets street style. Each character is an individual, each is a non-conformist, each parties like it’s 1979. No one wants to leave, because, if they do, the fantasy will vanish.” – Michael Wilkinson and Tim Martin  #Bridgetfoleysdiary sneek peek

“I imagined interpreting the Prada Spring/Summer 2015 collection through the filter of the five elements and their interconnection. Like feng shui, the ancient Chinese philosophy inspired by Taoism that teaches us to harmonise our surroundings with the environment and nature, I felt this philosophy was appropriate to this specific, rich and varied collection by Miuccia Prada. Drawing on my background in film, photography and painting, I sought to reinterpret the collection through the four elements – water, fire, air and earth – and create imaginary situations that culminate in the fifth element, human love.” – Milena Canonero