Keen for Koons

by ThisIsShe|Mags

I am a fan of Jeff Koons work.

I love his readymade art that allows you to look at the mundane and humdrum again. With his use of optimal colours and chromatic materials the work has a metaphysical and emotional life of its own.

I admire people who are not afraid of openly exposing their values in their work and having it speak clearly. This is a difficult thing to do consistently. This rock and space we live on has many voices and many faces that constantly fight for the most valuable thing in the world – attention.

I too consider myself an Artist/Designer/Poet/Connector, all these terms have an intrinsic and symbiotic tie with my core values. I am a lover of people, a Christian, a dreamer. Your work has to show your style – your voice, your values.

If not you, then who?


Artist TLK Jeff Koons interview


Jeff Koons interview


Jeff Koons website

inflatableflower&bunny (2).tif

Jeff Koons website – inflatables


Jeff Koons interview