# Untitled 13 (Remembrance)

by ThisIsShe|Mags



The first line of defence is remembering to breathe.

Inhale – deflect. Exhale – reject.

Please exit the area.

(Share and devour).

Chests that rise populate the land of the one –

Islands fascinated, filtered and favoured.

Mouths on minutes sounded off. The stretch in my complacency and misused pronouns heard the scratches.

Instant gratification will always be liberty a heart can never fill.

Brethren we are bound by the H2O of cosmetic applications.

The roads less travelled became matter multiplied.

Paths grew with each periodic sigh of belonging

Styled in convenience; armed and dangerous –


                       (in dialect).


                    (boxed in).

We danced in cerebral cortexes cloudy;

choosing not to abandon the search for stars –


While peering into lungs.

It’s only tenant embraced transgressions –

Rising in the mist of consciousness,

Drowning in moot of innocence.

The first –

The last –

The only,

Line of defence is

To remember.