# Post 4 (Lovestoned)

by ThisIsShe|Mags



Forceful fingers cling

On to words that say:

“Don’t go.”

Okay, let’s talk.

What if I told you to sing me that song

And, play that tune?

Would you then want me to leave?

Is it hard

To catch the winged words that dance over us both?

I live in this world fuelled by my own promises,

Speaking tales of worship not worth collecting

And easy lies that feel so new.

Silent stories are memories conjured;

Coloured and soaked in crimson so deep

The curve of my lips

 – The same weight my hips

Are forced to carry –

Vomited in omission.

But you look at me, eyes big and bright –

And mine as well,

Untouched by that kaleidoscope of haze (just yet) –

Hanging out for words; apologies.

As if, it’s really what I want to hear.

And I still remember the hype filled smoke,

Talking about the inferno

In your eyes.