# Post 2 (Saturday Night)

by ThisIsShe|Mags



It’s 5 in the morning

And ash never looked so good

In the light you provide.

We related –

Remember how we spoke?


Didn’t I need to stress the

Significance of our encounter?

But you knew.

The moments toss and turn in a mind

Where nothing fits in the

Décor of my own choosing.

Tattered ribbons of orange, deep and vibrant –

You know these tones

That shade this pattern.

I want to try it your way

With my colours

Moulding in your box.

Are my palettes too honest for you?

They mean more in the dim-lit

Light you provide but


How we love the dark.

Can you see my silhouette on top and across;

Grinding underneath a frame

Much larger than mine?

Sweat stained tears that wouldn’t

Fall on you even if I wanted.

Yes, it was good for me too.